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Hello and welcome to the Terms of ServiceEdit

Please take the time to read the Terms of Service and take them seriously! Last Updated Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Registration and User Information

By Registering an Account on Kartoona you agree to input accurate and valid information. No False or invalid information please, also registering you agree to the following


  • You must be 13 or older to use Kartoona. Any User found under the age of 13 will be noted. If they can confirm they are mature enough they can leave it and go..But if the user cannot prove to be mature enough they will have 1 hour before account closure.
    (Users that prove to be mature enough can have there false age but show their real one so there is no confusion, but any users under 13 take it for granted will be banned)

Mature Content

  • Any visual submissions like Photography, Video and Art will probably contain Mature Content. When a user enables the access to view the work they agree that they are 18 and up. Any user found holding false age to view the work will be prevented from viewing it permantley. Afterwards they will be sent a Warning, if the user goes against the warning and tries to attempt hacking the user with no warning will be terminated.

Multiple Accounts

Kartoona will not tolerate Multiple Accounts at all. Any user found holding multiple accounts will be with no notice banned. And if the user is using the multiple accounts to perform Illegal activities will also be banned. If any sole user just creates an account to change username, you don't have to. Because you can change your username when you edit your profile.


Moderators have the right to:

  1. Look at Private messages and comments to confirm there is no offensive or illegal content. Any so found will be deleted from system and nor will the recipent actually recive it.
  2. Edit/modify Blogs and Submissions if they confirm to be offensive or a mistake. ( Not all is negative)
  3. Search through all your private information: Location, contact, name, age or submissions to investigate some issues which relates to illegal activity.

Not all is bad, we may modify some things like spelling mistakes or something not to harm you.

Treatment and Respect

Kartoona is to provide equal respect to each registered user. If the user does not repsect what is given to them and violates all terms, the user will be sent a warning. If the user decided to treat other users poorly after recieving the warning after no hesitation the user will be banned.


As a sole member you agree to not submit:

  • Edited pictures without credit
  • Not to edit someone elses picture and use it
  • Not to trace other users work without their permission
  • Sell an Image done by someone else and say it was by you

Not Tolerated

  • Harrassing a user
  • Identidy Theft
  • Art Theft or commercial use (without sole permission)
  • Hacking an Account
  • Going against Moderators requests


Kartoona does respect your privacy. It will be guarded safely. You can choose for all your information to be private or even your page to public view (To registered and not registered people). Only way for people to view your private page is by sending a friend request.

Account Security You are solely responsible for maintaining your personal information and accept any and all responsibility for any harm. Kartoona is never responsible for the information you put on and it will never be Kartoona's fault if the information is lost. Do not share the information with anyone!


A user does have the right to create a anti group or a group of something. Flamers that attack the group which is they've joined the anti-version have got a nack to do it so delete the comment. If it goes out of hand you must report it.

Account Termination / Ban

Kartoona at anytime may terminate or Ban your membership without notice. All submissions by you will be also removed without notice. Kartoona doesn't have to put up with you being a troll or harrasser so there is no hesitation of account termination after a warning. And if I was you I would not commit an illegal activity that goes against the law otherwise -


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